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Granisan™ is Safas' latest Granicoat® offering, which combines the aesthetics and ease-of-use of traditional Granicoat, but with the added protection of an anti-microbial additive. For our customers who service hospitals, healthcare and food industries or even home owners who want the added protection against common bacterial, Safas has a solution in Granisan.

Granisan was tested at Ciba Corporation and found to be have antimicrobial efficacy against Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli. It is available in all Safas designs, but the introduction of this additive shifts the color slightly to the lighter side. The darker the color the more potentially noticeable will be the shift.

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Safas Corporation, the leader in decorative SURFACING materials for the molded and cast polymer industries, is (pleased) to announce to two new GRANICOAT® technologies; Granicoat 2D™ and GraniQuartz™.

Granicoat 2D is a Granicoat product containing two-dimensional granules, platelets actually, that spray 'flat' on the mold and therefore eliminates 'bounce' that is common with three-dimensional granules, WHILE (ENHANCING) THE DYNAMIC LOOKS OF LARGER CHIP DESIGNS. Safas developed the Granicoat 2D product line to address the needs of leading manufacturers in the cast marble, tub/shower and pool industries in order to PROVIDE THE INDUSTRY WITH a product that covers in ONLY two passes, versus the more typical 4-5 passes. Granicoat 2D will enable your customers to significantly increase their productivity, WHILE REDUCING (BOTH) PRODUCTION COSTS AND styrene emissions in their manufacturing facilities. Additionally, since the Granicoat 2D is based on the patented Granicoat technology, you can spray it straight against the mold, eliminating the additional cost of a clear gel coat needed with the other spray granite applications.

GraniQuartz is Safas' sprayable offering modeled after Quartz or engineered stone countertop materials, (such as Silestone). Safas developed the GraniQuartz in response to its customer's needs in the cast polymer industry that required a product that could help them enter the kitchen market and compete with the engineered stone surfaces. GraniQuartz gives manufacturers a product that is easy to spray and (provides significantly improved scratch resistance) versus traditional gelcoats.

Both new offerings are available in Safas' most popular colors.


Please contact Safas for more information about the Granicoat 2D and GraniQuartz, as well as our traditional Granicoat®, Granuplast "C" Granules (suitable for the thermoplastic industry) and Galaxy Granules™ products.

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