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Product Lines

Galaxy Granules

Galaxy Granules™

Cured polymer fillers available in unlimited designs and colors. It is ideal for cast polymer industries making traditional sheet products, sinks, or in SMC, BMC, and flooring.

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A patented, polyester based polymer, solid surface material that is sprayed with standard spray equipment either in a mold application in replacement of gel coat or post-mold on substrates such as wood, balsa, and honeycomb. Granicoat is available in standard granite and solid designs with availability of unlimited custom colors.

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Granuplast™ "C" Granules

A specially formulated Galaxy Granules that can be used in applications requiring stability in temperatures over 350F. Most popularly used as a granite-looking compound in the thermoplastic industry for injection molding, extrusion, roto-molding, etc.

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A quick setting acrylic adhesive suitable for bonding solid surface sheets and Safastone counter tops. It is available in ten solid colors that are color coordinated with Granicoat and Galaxy Granules designs.

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A silicone caulking material available in all of our granite designs to attain a color match in areas where clear silicone would be used.

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A new surfacing option for the professional fabricator that gives their designs the luxury of a thick solid surface - while dramatically controlling cost.

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Other Products


An exciting and new sheet product. Stay tuned for more information.

Ultra Granicoat®

A modified Granicoat product that gives extra UV protection to products. It is ideal for outdoor use where product will be exposed to ultra violet light and in a more limited color selection; it can be used for in-ground, fiberglass pools. ULTRA Granicoat has been tested and passed 1,000 hours accelerated UV protection on post-cured products. This product is available in most of the standard Granicoat colors.

Ultra Granicoat® Pool Formula

Specially formulated for applications, including fiberglass swimming pools and spas where the surface will be exposed to chemicals and/or treated water.

FR Granicoat®

When used with Class A fire retardant substrates and/or matrix, it will give a class "A" fire rating to products once fully cured (post-curing is ideal). It is available in all of standard Granicoat colors.

Flex Granicoat® (Graniflex)

A modified Granicoat product that is more flexible and less susceptible to breakage and/or cracking when it is de-molded from a complicated shaped mold. It is available in all of our standard Granicoat colors.


The primer and sealant for the Granicoat product line, enabling the sealing of the wood substrate against moisture and movement, and also helps retain color consistency in the molded product applications. Available in thirty-one color coordinated solid colors.

Liquid Mask™

A clear, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) based material that was developed for Safas to help facilitate easier sanding of a Granicoat piece. Used in the post-mold application only.

Air Release™

An additive that will help release the air pockets that can get trapped in a solid surface top. This is an essential product that needs to be added to Granicoat designs in any Alicon, Starlight, and Nury collection. Air Release should also be used when casting traditional sheets in conjunction with a vacuum and/or vibrator. This product can be purchased through Safas or your nearest dealer.


The accelerator. It will automatically be provided with each pail of Granicoat or Backcoat that is shipped NOT PROMOTED.

Care Kits

The Granicoat care kit box includes samples of cleaning products plus instructions on how to maintain and take care of Granicoat solid surface tops made. The care kits are available upon request.