1000-Chip2 Series

The Chip2 color collection consists of 16 dramatically rich granite designs containing the new chip-in-chip granules. This collection is the closest look to real granite. In the same tradition of the Mountain and Tropical series, the Chip2 line is available only in the Galaxy Granules product line and cannot be used for spray applications.

Sprayable Chip2 Series

We have re-formulated our Chip2 series for the Granicoat product line so they can sprayed using the standard Granicoat spray systems.

Chip2 Individual Cuts (Chip-in-Chip)

The natural stone look of the Chip2 series is due in part to the Chip-in-Chip granules. These six colors are available for individual sale. They are available in +8 mesh size and come with smaller granules already imbedded in them. Use these granules with an existing granite design, to achieve a richer, deeper and more natural stone look. Contact your Sales Representative for a sample.

NOTE: All of the colors in the Safas Color Collection are reasonable representations of the color and design. Color variations do exist so do not use these color swatches for color matching or for final color selections. To see the true color and size of any of the designs, contact your fabricator or Safas Corporation for a sample chip. Also, the quality of these online colors are dependant on the type of monitor you use. Flat screen monitors will represent the colors differently than standard monitors.